Gizmania Records startet by a division of Combined Forces, The Hague. Leader and founder from Rave Records. Dwarf Records and Babyboom Records and more… Gizmania Records started in 1996. A label for Hardcore music.  In 2016  TPC Music  has taking over Gizmania Racords to bring new life to this label  with not only hardcore music but all harder styles like Hardstyle, Freestyle and Hardcore. Gizmania Records hase working with many artists like DJ Gizmo, DJ Norman, Darkraver, The Partycrushers, Mainstage Maffia, Tharoza, Rob Gee, Monkahollics, Rough Soldiers…. and many more. We also and give yung tallends a change because they are the future for the scene.


Gizmania Records back at the Dance Parade 2018 in Niewerkerk a / d IJsel. After having skipped a year, we are back again this year with our Gizmania Records trailer. with a very promising line-up with mainly DJ / Producers from our record label.

We present the Line-up: The Partycrushers / DJ Gizmo / Mainstage Mafia / Tharoza / Rough Soldiers / The Navigator / The Housebangers / Lady Bex / K-TeztroV / Leroy Brown / Bad Habitz / Mania MC.

This year stands for the charity Kika (Children’s cancer free). Every year over 550 children in the Netherlands get cancer. At the moment 75% of these children are cured. That must and that can be better. Our goal is to increase this percentage to 95%. KiKa raises funds for innovative research and other activities in the field of childhood cancer, aimed at less pain during treatments, more healing and a higher quality of life in later life. Let’s make it a big party again this year.


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