FEOZ is a DJ and Producer in the “Hardstyle Scene”.

He started in the year 2008 as a DJ duo, together with Michael Tijssen (alias: “Mike Tiërra”/”Rough Soldiers”), under the name “The Partycrushers”
Soon they were picked up by Elusive Agency and became residents of “Pure Hardstyle Events”. After a while they got brand awareness in and around The Hague which made them eager to sneak into the studio to create their own music. “The Partycrushers” came up with their first release “FEAR/YOUR NIGHTMARE” on the label “Spider Records” from Major Brice. In a matter of time they held the No. 1 position in the French Dance Charts, followed up with many CD compilations, such as: Magic Belgium, Tuning Beats, Gary D presents D Techno, La Bush Summer and Explosive Car Tuning. Shortly after they signed a contract at, “Bazz Implant” (a sub label from IMP Recordings) many productions were released on this label. After a few years in the scene, music styles started to change and it was time to figure out which style would be preference for them. “FEOZ” decided to go his own way and started an education for music producer.

In the year 2019 “FEOZ” started to perform and produce “Hardstyle Music”, under the name “FEOZ” and signed a contract at “Gizmania Records” where his first release will be coming out soon…

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