With our mastering service, you can have your tracks mastered by our professional mastering engineers.  Letting mastering music is one of the most important steps in the production process. A non-mastered song or track often has a number of problems that it is not suitable for a radio broadcast, CD production, or online music platforms like Soundcloud or spotify. It may also be important that we listen with a fresh pair of ears to the mix. Let your music so before you publish it always mastered first.

The procedure is simple:

Step 1: Send your unmastered mix via Wetransfer  to our email address: Enter shall upon your name, email address and phone number. Give your wishes clearly, so that we know what the master expected. Also attach a reference! A piece of music (.mp3 may, but preferably .wav) from a reputable artist that you want to mix your like. After review, you will receive an invoice, or possibly as the first hints mix ask. After payment of the invoice Gizmania Records will get to work.

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Step 2:  Within a week you get the first version of the track mastered for you.

Step 3:  If you want to make an adjustment which falls within the fixed rate, you get 2 free overhaul capabilities. If you still want even better results, you can opt for additional revisions what you pay for each. You can rest assured that every revision brings you closer to your goal.

Audio delivery

Keep a note of the following points as you go through Gizmania Records want to master something:

  • Do not limiter, maximizer or compressor on the master bus when you export your mix. 
  •  When mixing, please consider that the stereo sum remeains under -3db ideally -6db. 
  • Upload the file in wav format, so no MP3 or other compressed formats.
  • Audioformaat should be: 16 or 24 bits, and 44.1 to 96 kHz.

Price: €30,- inc VAT
  • The stereo mastering fee is € 30, – * per song, 2 free revisions.
  • Additional revisions costs € 10, – per time. You can pass at a time several modifications!
  • Maximum length: 10 minutes.

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