StainS N Eddie-C

“StainS N Eddie-C” is an energetic act in the harder styles starring Martin Dillewaard and Edwin Klomp since 2015. They are hard working guys with a passion for music. Before they collab as “StainS N Eddie-C” Martin & Edwin where solo DJs. Martin was spinning hardcore sounds (Vinyl) in different clubs and cafés in and around the city of The Hague and Edwin was spinning EDM bangers. They where spinning together on birthdayparties and decided to be a DJ-duo in the harder styles. The freestyle madness began.
“StainS N Eddie-C” where picked up by several DJs and they began to perform in different clubs and Freestyle/Hardcore parties in and around the city of The Hague. Also they perform in clubs and at festivals in different parts of the country. Beside that they took part in DJ-contests and they won a few. They do not only perform but they have organized some freestyle and hardcore events in The Hague like: “Zuidahr Parrekzich” and “Resident Freestyle” with lots of local DJs and big headliners/friends like “Darkraver” and “Outsiders”
Also they started to produce some awesome freestyle, raw and hardcore tracks with lots of energy. “StainS N Eddie-C” are ready to take over and want to let everybody enjoy the madness.

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StainS N Eddie-C Presents: “N”RGETX vol. 1

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