The Liberator

 Jeffrey Glas A.K.A. ”The Liberator” always had a passion for music.

From the age of 15, he assisted his father (who’s a singer) as a sound technician and became familiar with sound mixing.
With his gaining experience in sound mixing, he dicided to purchase his own starter DJ set and practised as much as he could.
As the practise gained him some more experience, he decided that it was time to get into the DJ world, Jeff started as a all-round
DJ under the alias ”D-Jeffrey”, and started DJ’ing at small parties, and about a year later he decided to play at some bigger parties
as well, like weddings and mid-size events.
About a year later, Jeff obtained a resident spot at a dance club as an all-round DJ, it was then when he met the experience to play in front of a bigger crowd, he dicided to DJ as much as he could to obtain a lot of experience.
When Jeff stared his study, he paused his DJ journey and became more interested in the production of music, after years of practise at music production, he decided to take a chance at releasing his music.
In the meantime, Jeff fell in love with the harder styles and made this his main focus, he dicided to start this journey under the alias ”The Liberator”, in his first year as ”The Liberator” he released 4 tracks at different labels.
Jeff hopes to hold on to this rising experience, and will do his best to achieve this.
Besides his original tracks, The Liberator also creates his own bootlegs/mash-ups and mixtapes, called ”The Liberation Mixtapes”.
After his first release at Gizmania Records with his track ”Something For Your Mind”, Jeff feels confidend that he and Gizmania are a good team together, he also hopes this cooperation will last for a long time, he’s proud to be a member of the Gizmania family.

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